I will continue my efforts to raise awareness about this deadly epidemic so we can make our communities safer and help people suffering from addiction. Comprehensive drug education in schools, sterile needle exchanges, and increasing access to life-saving medications like Naloxone, better known as Narcan, will help to prevent overdoses from turning into fatalities. We need to prioritize diversion programs, rehabilitation, and education to break the cycle of drug abuse.

  • I kept my promise to hold numerous community roundtables on this issue and foster communication between law enforcement, community leaders, and community organizations.
  • I have worked with the Morrissey family from New Milford to help introduce Brian Cody’s Law which calls for enhanced support systems to help those struggling with opioid addiction, stricter penalties for suppliers of lethal overdoses, better oversight of tracking opioids and waste, and ending safe havens – such as ‘trap houses’ where numerous overdoses occur on a frequent basis. The current pandemic canceled the 2020 legislative session, but I look forward to continuing our work in 2021.
  • I am proud to have cosponsored a bill the House of Representatives passed in 2019, HB 5524, An Act Increasing the Penalties for the Sale of Fentanyl. The bill amends the definition of narcotic substances to classify fentanyl and fentanyl derivatives as a narcotic, thus, increasing the penalty for possession and related crimes.